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Love Your Body ~ Love Your Life
Purify your body to create peace of mind and serenity
Our bodies are our temple. when given proper attention, our temples serve as the vehicle to manifest health, abundance, and joy. Like any other healthy relationship, our relationship with our bodies require a nurturing  care, love and respect. When we honor our bodies with good nutrition, exercise and regular maintenance, we secure health and longevity.
Acupuncture ~ Let there be flow. Enjoy your health, feel balanced.
Acupuncture is an effective, painless form of health care that has evolved into a complete and holistic medical system. At the core of this ancient medicine is the philosophy that Qi (Chi), or vital energy, flows throughout the body. A person's health is influenced by the quality, quantity and balance of Qi. Normally physical and emotional trauma leads to blockage or imbalance in body's functioning, but our body naturally bounces back to balanced state of health and wellbeing. When the disruption is prolonged or excessive, or the body is in a weak state, the pain and suffering occurs. 

Acupuncture Therapy can be performed on all types of individuals, including children. Our acupuncturist does a thorough examination of your pulse and tongue. He/she also asks you about your symptoms, current condition and life style.
He will then stimulate certain points throughout the body with delicate placement of slender needles. This may be performed along several layers of pathways, located along the body. Our acupuncturist is also familiar with 1,000 herbs inbody the Chinese pharmacopoeia and can prescribe herbs for your specific needs. These herbs are classified according to their energetic qualities and recommend for better functioning of different organs, meridians, and dis-harmonies in your body. Acupuncture is a safe, natural, drug-free way to effectively address your Wellbeing. Let us focus on your balanced body and mind.

Nutrition Therapy & Counseling ~ You are what you eat. Cherish your health.
Nutrition Therapy is an in-depth inquiry into dietary lifestyle and food consciousness. Our nutritionist at Wheel of Wellbeing explores an individual's health on a fundamental level, then delves deeper into mind-body-emotional connections in daily food patterns. Nutrition Therapy sessions implement specific whole food items that support optimum healing and behavior modification techniques to minimize food behaviors that are less than ideal. With over 100 different dietary theories, our nutritionist determines what you need via non-invasive, yet very powerful methods.
Our nutrition Therapist works with many types of issues both acute & chronic:
  • Digestive Disorders: IBS, Chron's disease, candida, acid reflux, Constipation 
  • Women's Health: menopause, PMS, PCOS, hormonal balancing
  • Mood Disorders: depression and anxiety
  • Weight Concerns: eating disorders, weight loss, metabolic healing
  • Food Allergies & Sensitivities
  • Blood Sugar Issues: diabetes, hypoglycemia
  • Pre & Post-operative healing
The Wheel of Wellbeing is proud to offer the following services:
  • Healthy Aging program
  • Beautiful skin program
  • Weight management Program
  • Healing before and after surgery
Soft Tissue Mobilization/ Massage Therapy ~ Your healing is in good hands.
Our bodies are remarkable healing machines, but sometimes they overcompensate a bit. Many times, fibrous or scar tissue from injuries lead to pain and inflammation, limiting our  enjoyment of every day activities. In these cases, Soft Tissue Mobilization (STM), or the application of pressure to the soft tissue structures, lengthens constricted muscles and tissues and alleviate chronic and acute pain.
Under our therapists' practiced hands, soothing massage therapies bring healing to aggravated tissues and scar-worried muscles.
Soft Tissue Mobilization is a deeply relaxing, proven therapy that can renew your joy in reaching, stretching and favorite physical activities that you may have been avoiding. STM  releases the tension of injuries or emotions that you may have carried around for years-. Your aches and pains become a thing of the past, and your future becomes one of pain-free freedom of movement.
Experience the healing power of Soft Tissue Mobilization massage therapy. It's time to mobilize the power of healing. At Wheel of Wellbeing, you're in very good hands.
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