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About Us    
Eastern Wisdom – Western Medicine:
The best of both worlds to help you achieve healing, health, happiness, and success.

We provide customized and deeply personal therapy. Our traditional psychological treatments such as Talk Therapy, Psychiatry and Hypnotherapy complement progressive approaches, which include Somatic Experiencing and EMDR to help release traumas, depressive feelings, anxiety, anger and other stressors. Through our comprehensive approach, you will begin to have increased resilience, hope and a renewed sense of connection to the world.
Our custom tailored programs provide unparalleled value and are designed to meet the unique needs of individuals, couples and families. We are dedicated to meeting your specific health interests, and offer budget-minded programs designed to meet your goals.
The Visionaries behind the Wheel
  •  Dr. Daniel Sadigh, Psy.D; LMFT; Founder



  •  Dr. Hossein Ziaee, Medical Director



    Ayurvedic Medicine
    Chiropractic Therapy
    Nutritional Counseling
    Relationship & Love Coach

    Fusion Artist Rassouli

    Yoga Therapy
    Craniosacral Therapy/Massage                 
    Sound Therapy/Voice Training

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